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Sundaville Apartments and personal data

The connection between you and this website is secured by the HTTPS protocol, recognizable by the little lock in the upper bar of your browser. This means that the integrity and confidentiality of your interaction this website is encrypted so no third parties can make sense of what you do if they try to “listen in”.


We do use cookies, like almost every website. Cookies are little files, placed on your terminal (computer, tablet or smartphone) in which useful information is stored concerning your navigation. A sort of memory you could say.

What kind of cookies are there and which ones do we use?

Sundaville Apartments places short time functional session cookies that’ll facilitate your navigation and secure a correct functioning.

We also use the Google Analytics cookies but mask your IP partially, so Google cannot identify you directly. We use this service to generate visitors statistics and to obtain insights into how the website functions so we can eventually improve it.

We do NOT place tracking cookies from advertisers.

Important: the cookies we use CANNOT retrieve private information or passwords from your PC or device.

Our protection against hacking

When the protection system recognizes a security breach or an attempt to break into the site, the corresponding IP will be blocked automatically for some time. A recurring security breach from the same address will block it definitely.

The information you trust us with

When you trust us with your identifiable information, sending us an email of filling out a form, that information will NOT be recorded in any on-line database and only be sent directly to our email address. This information will only be used to contact you or answer your question and will NOT be shared with any third party, though we will consider legitimate governmental requests.

What happens if you do not accept cookies from your site?

The use and sending of forms may become problematic or not work.

The website will not save certain preferences, like the language chosen, so you might have to reconfigure it every time.

Some parts of the website might not function like they should.

If you accept cookies

If you are using multiple devices or browsers (computer, smartphone, tablet and/or Firefox, Chrome, Edge…), you’ll have to manage cookies on each device and browser separately.

Deleting cookies

If, after your visit, you decide to erase the cookies, you can do so by clicking on the button at the bottom of every page.